I’m Re-Branding, So This is AbsolutelyTara’s Last Post

Hi everyone! I've been learning a TON about branding lately, and I've got to tell you, it's a fascinating subject. It's funny the process I've had to go through to finally reach a brand identity for YouCoached. I've been all over the place. But now that we have one, everything is really coming together in such an amazing way.  Which brings me to Absolutely Tara. In a way, I feel like Absolutely Tara has been a great place for me to experiment with different hats. I've tried being raw and vulnerable with poetry and posts about how I feel. I've tried being authoritative and helpful with life coaching articles. I've tried being funny with Heart and Brain. And I've tried being professional with lifestyle content.  It's been great having a group of people who've supported me and commented on my posts. And in truth, I've been blogging for around 12 years about something or another on different blogs across the internet, and I'm sure my voice will continue to leak out in one way [Read more...]

How My New Hair Extensions Gave Me Back My Power


If you had been there when my hair was cut you would have seen it: my self confidence walking boldly out the front door. It was an hour before our first photo shoot with YouCoached. The one that was to provide content for our web page and help to brand our service. This is a photo from that shoot: You're probably thinking, "That doesn't look bad Tara. You're overreacting." That's what everyone around me said.  But I walked into my house after the shoot and my 14-year-old daughter looked at me and exclaimed, "What did they do to your hair?! You look ten years older!" ....Exactly.  For a week after my cut I would cry every night. I cried because I knew that the last shred of self-confidence I was desperately holding onto was slipping out of my hands, and there was nothing I could do about it. I know that sounds extreme, but let me explain.  I'm an extrovert. And a business woman. Fiercely independent and fast paced. When I was a child I used to [Read more...]

The Crazy World of KickStarter

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It's here! We're finally introducing YouCoached.com to the world, and we're doing it in the form of a Kickstarter campaign. Why KickStarter? We went back and forth on whether or not to go the KickStarter route, after all, Kickstarter is a big undertaking. We'd have to film a video, create ads, and monitor the campaign. But we love what Kickstarter is all about and thought it would benefit YouCoached in the following ways:


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Adventures... I'd have to say my adventures began at the age of 12, when I told my grandmother I was dissapointed with my normal and perfect life, and secretly wished for a little drama.  She scolded me for my ungratefulness and warned me to be careful about what I wished for. But while I felt a little guilty, deep down I was longing for more.  And from that moment on, as if spoken into existence by my confession, my life has been a complete adventure. I'll spare you the details of my parent's divorce, or meeting my husband in high school... and then having my first child in high school, much to the dismay of my church community,  and skip right on to after I was married and living as a suburban housewife at the ripe old age of 18. After letting go of my former ideas about how my life would look, I was determined to be the perfect mom. But I struggled. I missed my parents and couldn't keep a clean house or cook a decent meal. I'd never taken care of a [Read more...]

Startup Life – When The Rubber Meets The Road 


"When the rubber meets the road," is a common enough term, but it is more relevant in my life at this moment than ever before. I like to think of the phrase as describing the tires of an airplane's landing gear on it's first test flight. It was assembled according to factory specifications, all the tests were positive, all the inspections approved, but in the back of the pilot's mind he knows they haven't actually been tested in use yet.  In theory, they should work, but he won't know for sure until the rubber meets the road, the plane bounces safely on the tires, and he can roll onto the runway to stop the plane.  That's what I feel like in this very moment with YouCoached. We've run tests, created a product that lines up with market need, used proven technology, and built great content, but we don't know if it will really work until we launch and see how the market reacts. Launch is approaching, and I have to admit I'm nervous as hell.  -Tara

Introducing “You Coached” My Something Big

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If you follow my Facebook page, you know that my mantra for 2016 is "Think Bigger". This past year I've gone back and forth on my blog struggling with what content to share. Should it be inspirational, practical, poetic, humorous, visually focused, full of thoughtful words? Should I talk about the every day obstacles in life like cooking and style, or the philosophical under layer that affects all we do? I couldn't decide. I wanted to do everything.  Well there's a quote that I absolutely hate (probably because it applies so accurately to me) that kept cropping up in my mind: This is true... sort of. It's a quote that I think is meant to help someone deal with their own boundaries, but I also think it's a bit defeating. Because while there are actual physical and mental limits, it is rare that we reach them. More accurately, we reach the end of what we think is our limit based on how we're currently framing the problem in our mind [Read more...]