Living an Alive Life E-BookThe Living an Alive Life Book is about discovering who you are deep down inside, and then using that discovery to make changes designed with your heart in mind. This book covers:

  • Learning to value connection over acceptance
  • Meditation techniques to help you discover your true heart
  • An Evaluation covering 7 different areas of your life
  • How to make an effective and actionable plan
  • How to deal with the emotional obstacles standing in your way

Living an Alive Life Book offers practical advice you can use today, so you can begin making changes immediately, and start down the path of living with your heart free and alive.

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“I’ve read up to Escaping Theory and Moving into Reality and I have to say your work is the best I have read regarding knowing oneself. BRAVO! GREAT JOB! You have wonderful insight and a beautiful way of articulating it all… With all the stuff out there on self help and becoming successful, I think your point on “becoming your true self” hits the nail on the head.”

-Paul Brethen, Uganda

“You don’t need drugs; you don’t need a shrink; you don’t need a self-help book; you don’t need a new job, a new diet or a new man. You just need this!  Do the steps; I’m serious – you will see the world in a different light!”

-Tokeli Baker, San Diego

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Tara, for not only believing it is possible to ‘Come Alive’, but to transfer that belief into something tangible that others can emulate. You have changed my life with the knowledge that I CAN come alive. It IS possible for anyone, no matter what age or circumstance to begin the journey of ‘coming alive’.
-From a grateful, blooming heart…

-Julie Bos, Denver

Buy Living an Alive Life On Amazon


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