A Nice Neat BoxI’ll obey all the rules, doing everything fine, and live without worry and keep a sane mind. 

But the universe laughed and remarked in it’s way, “A box would make you entirely grey.”

I pouted, I kicked, I screamed for revenge. But the universe taught me the path to get in. 

Into my heart, into my mind, into my knowing and out of my blind. 

And that’s what I did. I found my own way. I let go of the box and stopped being grey. 

But now all the colors seem to conflict. Can they all be together completely legit?

Can I be both a hunter and gatherer too?

Can I weave a great masterpiece while counting the blooms?

Can I be tough as nails and incredibly soft?

Can I have a home in the country and a big city loft?

Can I gain independence and be vulnerable too?

Can I hike to the top while enjoying the view?

Can I write a great work and play in the sun?

Can I touch all their hearts and focus on fun?

Can I know all the words and still wonder at life?

Can I sing a loud song in the midst of my strife?

Can I start being happy while still being sad?

Can I disagree with myself and make myself mad?

All of these things seem wholly unknown. All of these things seem too different to own.

But here I still stand, with it all in my mind. Wondering which path will lead straight to my kind.

But I am my kind, there is no one like me, and all I can learn to do is to see.

See everything in me, with no edge of the line. See everything in me that to once I was blind.

My challenge before me is now clear to see.

I don’t need any boxes, I need all of me.  


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