After contemplating the Appearance category during my Evaluation, I realized that how I look is really important to me. The more I’ve paid attention to it, the more I’ve realized the way my appearance affects me. When I stopped working to travel, there was a dip in my confidence. Much of that dip had to do with the change in my attire. I was no longer wearing heels and pencil skirts, but jeans and comfortable walking shoes. I also no longer took the time to straighten my hair, but wore it curly instead. While I didn’t look bad, the difference affected my confidence. I stopped believing in myself as much, and actually got to the point where I was surprised when Dan was sexually into me. (Much to his surprise, since his view hadn’t changed of me.)

On the flip side, the more attractive I feel, the more worthy of love I feel. I know that’s not the way I’m “supposed” to view things, but I won’t come alive by censoring my heart with supposed to’s, but by dealing with truth instead. When I feel more worthy of love, I accept love more readily from others and am not as sensitive to criticism. I am also less timid about making mistakes, because I no longer feel shame when I slip up, but can laugh it off as something adorable about myself. Also, the hotter I feel, the more sexual I am. I’m suddenly sassy and flirty, loving how crazy I make Dan. 

Confidence = Belief = Strength = Health = Truth = Alive

My appearance goal is to not just to look as good as I can for as long as I can, and to prioritize my appearance because it matters to me, but also to taylor my appearance to reflect how I feel inside. Eg: Power business suits when I need to feel powerful, hot bikinis and 10 bangles an arm when I want to feel young and hot on vacation. I also have a goal of looking good in every situation.

You’ll see posts on Absolutely Tara about what I’m doing to make myself feel more attractive in the Looking Good category. 

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