My phrase for 2015 has been “Dig In”, and this past couple of months has really tested my resolve on that. I’ve been faced with an intense feeling of wanting to run and hide as more and more of what I’ve been doing has been exposed to the public, because it’s scary to put yourself out there. You never know who is going to criticize and who is going to praise. 

I’m marketing my book, interviewing for sales positions, preparing for speaking engagements, and stepping up my blog and social media game, so a lot has been going on. I’ve had to keep walking forward when I wanted to quit, and press on toward my goals when I didn’t believe in them.

That’s the thing about building a platform, it takes time and continued effort, and sometimes it feels like no one is listening. Then I’ll talk to a friend who suddenly references one of the theories I write about and explains how she reads my blog religiously, even though I didn’t even realize she was following me. That’s how the digital world is. You can’t see who’s in the room when you’re talking, so it can feel like no one is there when there may be hundreds, even thousands, listening. 

The thing about the digital world is that you can't see who's in the room when you're talking. Click To Tweet

All of this uncertainty has toyed with my belief, but I can see how it’s building and growing me in a way that never would have been possible if I wasn’t exposed and it wasn’t difficult.

I’ve mentioned in other posts that I was thinking of making a change with Absolutely Tara and I have officially decided to go in a different direction. In 2015 Absolutely Tara was a personal development blog focused on Learning to Come Alive, and now it will be shifting to an online magazine covering Lifestyle, Wellness, Culture, and Travel

As a magazine the focus will be more on the reader and less on the writer, and I will be bringing in contributors for a portion of my posts, with the goal of being a resource and inspiration for women living out their dreams.  

I am excited about all the content already being produced for the launch on October 1st, and have loved collaborating with contributors, and thinking up creative ideas in each category. The new design is really working out, and I’m excited to be increasing the Absolutely Tara Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest presence, where I will post sneak peeks, supportive material, and behind the scenes chatter. 

I look forward to the shifting culture of Absolutely Tara and to what 2016 has in store, and I believe you will enjoy the changes as well. Thank you for your loyal readership and continued support.


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