Do you ever feel like you’re just going through the motions, even though you’re supposedly “chasing your dreams”? In fact, with all your initial excitement gone, you may even be wondering why you were ever chasing them in the first place.

You’re not alone in this!! 

This flood of boredom and discouragement can result from a few different sources, and not having a powerful enough “Why” can be one of them.

What is a “Why”?

A Why is that picture in your mind that is born from a deep desire to express yourself in a genuine way. It’s the piece of you that needs to be seen, not just by others, but by yourself as well. It’s taking your theory and turning it into your reality. 

When you decide to conquer an obstacle, it takes time, patience, and a pretty big dose of humility, so if the motivational picture in your mind isn’t big enough, chances are you’ll give up before you succeed.

How do you find that picture?

Well, an Evaluation is a great start. This process will help you to figure out what you want, and get rid of what you’re doing because of other’s expectations. But what if you’ve done an evaluation, and you still feel this way?

You may need to upgrade your Why.

Remember, achieving our goals in actuality is important because life needs to be real in order for us to experience our truth, but feeling alive comes from discovering new parts of ourselves. In other words, the being is more important than the doing. What does this mean?

When I was first blogging, picturing myself with a beautiful site that held great content, as well as being featured by other large sites as a guest blogger, was highly motivating, because I needed to prove to myself that I was a good writer.

I still highly value these things, but now that I have a site and am being featured regularly, I feel like that piece of me has been seen. I have proven to myself that I am a respectable writer, and so it no longer drives me forward the way it used to.

Being satisfied with this doesn’t mean I am going to stop writing, because I still feel the emotional need to have a success blog. But it left me with a “what now?” feeling, when I considered my immediate emotional need to conquer a new part of myself.

I needed to find a new Why, so I could continue to be motivated to grow my blog, while being excited about life at the same time. So I meditated, did some brainstorming with Dan, and came up with a new vision that went beyond blog success, but still relied on blog success so that I would keep working on completing my blog goal. 

This relieved my boredom and gave me a new vigor for my work.

You don’t always have to continue in the path of your original goal. It’s okay to change. But just because you are no longer emotionally excited about your goal, doesn’t mean it’ s no longer a dream worth chasing. It may just mean it’s time for an upgrade. Time to think larger about yourself, and start looking at what lies beyond the point you couldn’t see past before. 

That’s what keeps life exciting. The continual conquering of ones fears, and the awakening of greater depths within ourselves. Don’t get hung up on old goals, just because you thought they’d be EVERYTHING to you at one point. Feel proud of yourself for evolving, and discover a new Why. In this way you’ll continue to be alive. 


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