Today I had a job interview for a position here in Southern California, so I thought my interview outfit would be a great choice for my first Outfit of the Week Post.

The Essential Interview OutfitThe Outfit of the Week series is inspired by my Appearance Goal to look good all the time. Ambitious I know, but I feel so much more confidently strong when I look good. Even the difference between having my hair curly or straight can greatly affect my self image. With curly hair I feel softer and more nurturing. But with straight hair I feel powerful and sexy.

Essential Interview Outfit 4

Essential Interview Outfit 3I like that this is a basic but edgy “power outfit”. I don’t want to be too trendy for an interview, but I want to feel confident as well. This was the perfect fix. 

Pants: Anne Klein Suit Separates from Macy’s, Blouse: H&M, Blazer: H&M, Heels: Sam Edelman -I got mine at DSW, but I no longer see them on their site. I included the link to them on the direct site, but they’re much pricier there. Black lacy undershirt is New York and Company, but no longer available. 


4 thoughts on “The Essential Interview Outfit”

  1. Wow this looks super powerful/super fierce. I agree, I totally love the straight hair for that confident/power boost. You really rocked the deconstructed awesome non typical boring suit! Love love love this look. Hope the interview is in your favor!

    Understated Classics

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