My name is Tawnya, and I’m a Pinterestholic. Long before I quit my job to be home with my kids I saw this really cool sand at Lakeshore. It was called Moon Sand. For those of you who have never seen it before, it looks like wet sand, and holds together like wet sand, but it’s not wet!

I wanted to buy some for the kids but ran away in terror after seeing the cost. So imagine my glee when I was hooking up to Pinterest for the day’s fix, and I found a recipe for homemade Moon Sand. You just had to mix two simple ingredients (flour and baby oil) and BAM! Moon Sand! I made it with great success, and am now here to share it with you. How to Make Moon Sand for Under $5

Off to the Dollar Store I went, where I was able to find two pound bags of flour and 6.5 oz bottles of baby oil. I decided to buy two of each so there would be enough for both of my kids. The total cost was $4.00 + tax.

The recipe called for 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of baby oil, which was great because the bag I bought measured exactly 8 cups and the whole bottle of oil measured 1 cup. So, into the mixer I put one whole bag of flour and one bottle of oil, and I mixed it up until fully incorporated.

You can tell when your measurements are correct, because the sand will hold together just like real damp sand.

When finished, I dumped it into a container and mixed my other bag of flour and bottle of oil. I threw it all into a big plastic tub, along with a few measuring cups and plastic drinking cups, and my kids had a blast! I must say I even indulged my inner child and played too. The best part about it all was how soft my hand where after playing with this sand. Consider that a “mommy” plus!

What you need to know:


  • Flour: 8 Cups (or one 2lb bag)
  • Baby Oil: 1 Cup (or a 6.5 oz bottle)


  • Mixer
  • Large tub
  • Sand toys, cups, or anything that can be filled to make shapes


Mix flour and baby oil together until incorporated. It should hold together when squeezed. Dump into bucket with toys. So. Easy.

How to make Moon Sand for under $5

This is messy fun. I suggest you play outside with this mixture. You should also use a container that has a top on it so you can store it for play at a later time. If your sand feels too dry after a few days just add some more baby oil. 

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