I recently read an article that claimed to know the one proven key to success. It covered all the attributes it takes to get from point A to point B. Self-discipline, a clearly defined plan, surrounding yourself with like-minded people, etc… But none of those were the “proven key.” No, the proven key was the simple act of not giving up.

“Just don’t give up.” it said.

I sat there for a minute after reading the article and thought about the concept of not giving up. It seems really simple, yet it’s incredibly profound.

I mean, what causes us to give up anyway?

Sometimes it’s material, we may run out of money… or get arrested, but usually we give up because we stop believing.

Belief! It’s definitely the most powerful attribute for succeeding. But why is holding onto belief such a difficult battle?  

If we could just separate ourselves from our emotion, everything would be easy as pie. But then we’d be machines, and the reward wouldn’t matter anyway. So we’re back to emotions. 

What is belief?

Belief is a combination of self-trust and knowing what you want.

SELF TRUST is believing you will do what you tell yourself you will do. And this is built by doing the things you say you will do. There’s no other way. 

KNOWING WHAT YOU WANT is a deep conviction. When you know where you’re going, every pretty little thing passing by can’t knock you off your feet.

The way to combine these traits, is to set a defined goal based on the convictions of your personal truth. Then set out baby steps to accomplish to reach that goal.

If you’re only setting large goals that you can’t conquer in the moment, you will break your self trust by not achieving those goals, and give up because it feels impossible. But if you break it down into obtainable goals, you’ll feel accomplished along the way, and be motivated to keep going. 

We can all do something small that is right in front of us, even if that small thing is as simple as putting our shoes away at night. But doing that step when we said we would builds self trust. And once you believe you can put away your shoes, you can add making your bed to the equation. Then sending an email. Then taking a phone call. Then booking a meeting. And before you know it, you’re presenting your company to a group of investors in a presentation room. 

I like 90 day plans, because they’re full of steps you can believe for yourself at the current moment. When the plan is up, you will have a whole new level of belief, so you can set larger and more epic plans for the next 90 days. And all those plans make for a pretty amazing year. 

And one amazing year after another, creates an amazing life that started with a baby step.

So when you find yourself wondering how to continue forward and “just not give up,” know that it’s all about being in the moment, accomplishing what’s in front of you, recognizing what you’ve done, building belief, and then doing it all again tomorrow. 


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