Did you think you could take me down? - A PoemThere’s a place between sanity and fear that exists only to taunt me.

It brings me to my knees and asks me the questions I don’t have answers to.

My pride is standing, trying not to flee, but it’s failing in the end. 

A mess of a person in it’s wake.

It’s so much easier to taunt my enemy when I’m standing on the mountaintop shouting his name.

But here I am, cowering under his gaze, and the life is ripped apart from me. 

When did you catch my stride? 

When did you find my hollowed out fortress?

I wasn’t looking, underestimating you again.

But you knew all along that there was weakness in me. 

You saw that I’d fall for EVERYTHING.

Now the world is grey and I’m wondering how to pull myself up to full height. 

If I were standing here in all my glory, you wouldn’t stand a chance. 

I’d bring you to your knees. 

But you’re bending my mind, twisting my thoughts, and I’m laid out flat wondering what’s happening to me.

And so I wait… hoping that the part of me that’s strong will work it out in the end.

Trusting my life to follow my arms, as I swing my way out and grab hold of the edge. 

And you’re afraid. Because you knew it was dangerous to test me.

You know what is housed in my body. 

And my eyes turn narrow, my mind set on your face.

Because in the end, I know it too. 


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