Gripping #Poetry filled with irony and sarcasmI’m just a person.

Torn up, rattled down, beaten round, and a little bit crazy.

Looking to the future hoping I’ll make it.

Looking to the past and questioning everything.

I could lie you know.

Give it my best shot.

Sing to the world of all my praise and never wonder what happened to little Jimmy.

But you’re not okay are you?

Round the world, spinning daily, wondering where the hell the napkins went. 

And I’m drowning in dishes, the smell aching away my indulgent gaze. 

Shut up you ingrid. You’re a fool.

Don’t tell me I’m okay. 

Don’t give me all your flack.

Just leave me alone to wallow in my dreams and wonder at days that have yet to come.

Give me a place at your table and wonder if I’ll eat your food.

Because you lasted so long your heart ached. 

But I’m normal and old and wondering where it all goes from here. 

You’re unaware.

I’m glowing.

And in the end, we’ve already arrived. 


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