How relaxing your facial muscles is an excellent meditationLately, I’ve been using a new meditation technique that’s been really effective for me. I’ve found that if I can relax each and every one of my face and head muscles, I can suddenly feel my heart in an amplified way. Taste it even. This is an incredible feeling. 

I usually do this right when I lay down for bed and all the thoughts in the world are swimming in my head. It’s a simple luxury that isn’t necessarily for discovering facts about myself, but more about experiencing my heart and feeling nice before falling asleep.

The act of relaxing the muscles in the head takes some practice however, as the only way to do it is by releasing your thoughts. But, one works with the other, and if you can’t get your thoughts to go away by focusing on them, I’ve found that focusing on relaxing the muscles, can take the thoughts away.

In addition, while doing some research for this article, I found a great post that suggested that we “learn how to relax the tongue and throat… because there is a connection between the tongue and the throat and the brain.”

A simple meditation technique to help you find your center.I hadn’t tried it this way before, but when I did, it worked pretty well. My usual technique is to start by relaxing my jaw and forehead, which are also effective. But whichever way you do it, there is a definite advantage to the muscle relaxation meditation technique.

If I am having trouble relaxing a certain muscle (it’s usually the one right in the middle of my forehead), I will tap or pinch the area to help increase my body’s awareness of what I’m trying to do. Or I will overly tense the area and then try to relax it all at once. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but I can usually get them all relaxed at some point.  

When we can get the mind out of the way, the heart can speak, and the heart carries an entirely different language than the mind. It is rich and full, carrying with it our truth. This truth is who we are outside of logical, cultural, and environmental influences, and it is the very stuff that an alive life is made of. 

When we get the mind out of the way, the heart can speak. Click To Tweet

This is also the place from which to base your Evaluation, as it gives you the truest insight into who you really are and what you really want. 

Overall, I’ve found this to be a quicker technique than many of the others I have tried, and so I am favoring it. Give it a try. Relax those muscles and see if it helps you discover more of your heart. I’m pretty sure we could all use a little more heart in our lives. 


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