Movie Review of "The Intern"Run Time: 2 Hours 1 Min
Movie rating: PG-13 for suggestive content and some strong language
Review rating: 4.0 Stars

I’ve been waiting for “The Intern” (a movie starring Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro) to come out for months now, and Dan and I got to see it on opening day. I was drawn to this movie in a major way, as I felt it would be an inspirational story that would motivate me towards my strong female business woman goals. 

The story line follows Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro), a 70 year old retired man who is bored with retirement and needs something more in his life.  He happens upon a flyer for a “senior internship program” being sponsored by an online fashion start up and decides to apply.

The start up’s founder, Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway), is a young hard working mother who cares deeply for her company, works her ass off to be successful, and faces the challenges of being judged by the stay-at-home mothers at her daughter’s school, all while emotionally supporting her stay-at-home husband who is carrying the weight of the household to aid in her success. 

I am a huge fan of both De Niro and Hathaway so I had high hopes for the movie going into it, and I wasn’t disappointed. Great character development, an emotional arc for both Jules Ostin and Ben Whittaker, as well as some of the minor characters, and it included both funny and touching scenes. A great story of friendship and marrying old time values with new found technology.

What hit home the most for me was how much I hunger for the lifestyle Jules had (New York, thriving business), and it made me think bigger about my own business ventures. They do a great job of showing what it takes to be successful, as she works long hours, obsesses over the details, and relies heavily on her support staff to manage the chaos surrounding her.

This prompted me to ask myself some hard questions after it was over. Do I have what it takes to push my business to that level? Does my business have enough “wow” factor to sustain itself? How can I think bigger now to accelerate the process? It was a good exercise to go through.

Dan really liked the movie as well, as he could relate to Ben Whittaker’s character and loved how they brought in the wisdom of the older generation to guide the young start up, and being married to me, he could relate to the lifestyle surrounding Jules Ostin. Dan also found some of the scenes (like the computer heist) to be pretty entertaining.

Overall, I found this to carry the flavor of a good romantic comedy, except the relationship being built is a friendship between Jules and Ben. It leaves you with a feel good taste in your mouth and hope for a good future in all the character’s lives. 

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I give it 4 stars for being enjoyable, and only hold back one star because it wasn’t an epic life changer. I would definitely recommend it for a night out.


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