I’ll be the first one to admit that I am not full of positive feelings and self-belief on a constant basis. (Shocking, I know.) But in fact, I’ve been struggling with being motivated and hopeful for a little while now. I think a lot of that has to do with working from home, as I just don’t feel as strong when I’m not out and about having meetings in sexy business clothes over a nice lunch. 

But because I made my plans when I was still feeling strong, I’ve been able to go through the steps I laid out and gain some success, but I was beginning to run out of the strength to do even that. 

Because I made a plan when I was strong, I could just follow instructions when I was weak. Click To Tweet

My book sat around almost finished, and my guest posting started to wane. I was slipping into a full on depression. 

But then I had coffee with a friend, and our conversation prompted me to re-evaluate some things. I went home and meditated, re-opening my mind and finding my center. I discovered a great new picture to represent my current desires, and I felt myself spring back to life. 

The next day I rode my emotional high, finishing my book and sending it off to the editor. And I have been going 100 miles per hour ever since. Every day I think of new ways to market the book, and a fresh life has been breathed into my blog. I even created a web comic that I absolutely adore. (More of that to come.)

I will also be evolving the content of my blog to consist of my raw truth in the moment, as opposed to being focused mainly on philosophy. In the last couple of months, I really wanted to lay the ground work of my truth philosophy, so I could use the posts as a great reference point, and I feel like I have a good stockpile now. I think it’s about time to stop talking about exposure and connection, and start living it instead. 

I’m really looking forward to what I’ve got planned and I appreciate all the uplifting comments and encouragement all of you have given me through comments, personal emails, shares, and book campaign support. Every one of those comments really does matter. Thank you. Thank you!


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