Are you living in the good/bad paradigm or the truth/lies paradigm? It's time to come alive!One of the first things we must understand if we are going to come alive, is that connection and acceptance are not the same thing.


Acceptance is the act of someone seeing something about you that they like, love, or generally approve of. They may show this acceptance by praising you, making you their friend, picking you to be on their team, giving you a job, or even asking you to marry them.


Connection is about intimacy. And intimacy is born from being known. Connection happens when someone sees past the projection of our “good” self, and into our true heart, then responds by revealing a piece of their own true heart. This is done not because they approve of us as being good and acceptable, but because they saw something in us that was also in them.  

The mind strives for acceptance because it is function based. It works logically with things that it can control. Personal behavior is something that it feels it can control, therefore by observing the reactions of others to how we behave, it can alter our behavior to gain acceptance.

It cannot alter our true heart to force connection, so it risks rejection if it should reveal the true heart. This is because our heart is what it is, regardless of who we are surrounded by. Therefore, it has prioritized acceptance over connection, because acceptance is more bearable than rejection, even at the risk of losing connection. So the mind hides the heart and lives by the lie, “I must be good in order to be loved.”  

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So how do we overcome this? How do we convince our minds to be brave enough to seek connection?

We will have to redefine our priorities. We need to stop focusing on good so we can be accepted, and start focusing on truth, so we can be known and experience connection.

So then our paradigm shifts. We are no longer living a life according to the values of good and bad, but the values of truth and lies. Because when we focused on acceptance, good was our greatest ally and bad was our greatest enemy. But when we focus on connection, truth is our greatest ally, and lies are our greatest enemy.

When we are allowed to access our truth, we will get to see our hearts and all the colors they contain. And we will be allowed to let those colors bloom and shine out of us. This not only reveals our True Selves to those around us, but to ourselves as well. The colors of our being will be released, and we will come alive!

And the greatest thing you can offer the world is an alive version of yourself.


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