Are You Addicted to Social Media?I have never been a huge electronics person, preferring to have conversations, read, or go outside than watch TV or play video games. But lately with my blog, I’ve been forced to spend hours a day on my computer while I write posts, comment on others, create graphics, and share content on social media outlets. 

I have noticed that the more time I spend on electronics, the shorter my attention span is. I want to be entertained constantly and can’t entertain my own mind as easily. So when I am bored, I will pull my phone out of my purse and look for something to do on it.  

I am not a huge social media fan, as everyone projecting tends to bore me (I’d much rather people were spilling their raw emotions, or at least being funny), so once I’ve cleared out notices from Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, I usually check my blog stats and then have nothing to do on my phone. To which I get frustrated and put it away.

I finally caved and downloaded a puzzle game app, which held my attention for about a week, and now I never go to it. I don’t like electronic games. 

Blogging I love. I feel like people are more real on blogs than any other social media outlet. Sure it’s getting commercialized now, but many remain that I find to be wonderful. People will often tell the story of them, whether it’s in words, pictures, or a combination, but it’s more complete than anything you’re going to see on other outlets. Even blogs, however, can’t hold my attention. I can only read so many before shutting it down.

Blogging I love. I feel like people are more real on blogs than other social media outlet. Click To Tweet

Lately, I’ve been starved for personal interaction with real people. Being home has taken a toll on this extravert and I would much rather be having a conversation at a coffee shop than checking my Facebook account. This is why I have to get my posts done before Dan gets home, because I’d rather be talking to him than writing. 

When this week’s writing prompt for the Friday Reflections link up was to be honest about whether or not we were addicted to social media, I thought about it for awhile before writing, as I wasn’t quite sure. But then I realized I could drop all of it in a minute and not look back, and it wouldn’t be a huge loss to me. And that, in fact, I am really not a huge fan to begin with.

It’s not that it’s all a useless cause, I do enjoy some of it, but overall, I’m not an addict. 


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5 thoughts on “The Way I Feel About Social Media”

    1. I agree. Which is sad because I love Twitter and now I have to go through 100 ads before I get to an actual person just commenting on something in a fun or artistic way, which kills it for me.

  1. I’m really happy to hear you say that as it is so frickin’ easy, once you are elbow deep in blogging land, to become addicted. It’s something I struggle with constantly – mostly because I don’t see a lot of people in person so it provides me with that degree of connection I would miss, being the fatigued introvert I am! I’m glad you are seeing the nice side of blogging still. You are right in that it is becoming more and more commercial, but with people like yourself who still blog with integrity – well, the future is bright!

  2. There can be some real rubbish on social media, but I find some great stuff too. The more honest and raw a blog post is the more I love it, like your black bikini one! It inspires me to keep it real as well as that’s why I started this venture, I wanted to learn more about me and writing was for me the best way to do that. Glad you feel like you could just walk away and be fine that is a great outlook!

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