Have you ever been stuck about what to do in a situation? Where it feels like there is just no right answer and no solution to be found? I hear ya!

This can be the most frustrating thing!!! 

Not only is it frustrating, but it’s discouraging as well. So what we tend to do with these situations is push them aside and avoid them. We don’t do this on purpose, it’s just the easiest way to relieve ourselves of the anxiety over it. 

I have things like this in my life, and many of them have to do with my kids and housework. If I had it my way, I’d hire a full staff of people to handle all the domestic work while I am off handling business.

But as I have yet to afford such luxuries, I am stuck dealing with it. Except, I don’t deal with it well, especially when I’m caught up in a project and don’t have the brain space to figure it all out. 

But as I also don’t want to live in a smelly house with neglected children and no food to eat, I can’t avoid it forever. This is one of the reasons my Evaluation goes over 7 different life categories. We all have to deal with these areas in one way or another, and it’s definitely better to be intentional about them so that we can create the life we want. But what happens when we have to deal with something and can’t find a solution?

It’s funny, but many times all we have to do is spend time thinking about it.

It seems overly simple, but when was the last time you thought of a problem that needed an answer, and sat down to brainstorm solutions and come up with a new plan? The simple act of doing this, allows our brains to prioritize a problem and start working out a solution. It forces our minds to move outside of it’s current comfort zone and think about it analytically. 

Sometimes a solution to a problem can be found just by deciding to think about it. Click To Tweet

With a lot of issues in our lives, we tend towards being reactive because it’s easy, so this dedicated thinking can really take your game up a notch. 

And it’s amazing what our minds are capable of! Thinking outside the box allows us to go in different directions and create real and effective change in our lives. The kind of change that matters. 

And even if we can’t find the perfect solution, trying out new avenues may help us to discover more of what does and doesn’t work, so we can make more informed decisions in the future. But we can’t ignore them, because they won’t just go away. 

So what is the issue that you’ve been pushing away? It’s time to sit down, come up with a solution, and create an effective plan for accomplishing it. Your brain may surprise you. 


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