Poem: What Is In You, Is Also In Me

Also In Me

The pain that’s in you, is also in me. The anger that’s in you, is also in me. The hurt that’s in you, is also in me. The insecurity that’s in you, is also in me. The shame that’s in you, is also in me. The

Maybe... a poem


Stomach grinding, turning in on itself. Hope rising, only to be shut down again. I want to believe… I want to think I am invisible and fearless. I want to forget the pain that’s made me bitter. My heart is slow to begin again. My brain is sure I’m delusional. Secretly, I

Did you think you could take me down? - A Poem

I Know It Too

There’s a place between sanity and fear that exists only to taunt me. It brings me to my knees and asks me the questions I don’t have answers to. My pride is standing, trying not to flee, but it’s failing in the end.  A mess of a person in it’s wake. It’s so much easier to taunt…


Can You Describe Yourself in 3 Words?

I noticed an interesting trend on Twitter today that caught my attention: #DescribeYourselfIn3Words. When I clicked on the link, I was taken to the page of all the tweets bearing that hashtag, and the myriad of responses. Some were witty, others trying a bit too hard, some very serious. I sat for a minute trying…

Gripping #Poetry filled with irony and sarcasm

Just a Person

I’m just a person. Torn up, rattled down, beaten round, and a little bit crazy. Looking to the future hoping I’ll make it. Looking to the past and questioning everything. I could lie you know. Give it my best shot. Sing to the world of all my praise and never wonder what happened to little…

Time! You Relentless Bastard! - A Poem

Time! You Relentless Bastard!

Tick tock. Tick tock. The damn thing never stops.  Creeping up, ever forward, never stopping to rest.  Wait a minute. Let me think. I need to figure it out.  But tick tock. Tick tock. You taunt me in my sleep.  Another year, another day, when everything I wanted has less time than before.  When dreams…

A Nice Neat Box

All of Me – A Poem

I’ll obey all the rules, doing everything fine, and live without worry and keep a sane mind.  But the universe laughed and remarked in it’s way, “A box would make you entirely grey.” I pouted, I kicked, I screamed for revenge. But the universe taught me the path to get in.  Into my heart, into…



I want to know you.  Not the idealistic perfected person you have made yourself into. Not the highly vibrating, totally alive, depression immune, articulately scheduled, financially successful, completely planned out and happy you. But the real you.  The person you are when you let it all go. When you’re in this moment and you look into my…

The Phoenix Poem

The Phoenix

And so she walked toward her destiny. Her whole life culminating to this moment alone. To step over the threshold, take hold of the rope. Bring all her learning, go forth in all she’d been trained.  What will my life be? What will I call my own name?  “I will be me,” she said, knowing…