For years I was searching for something that would quench the ever present angst I held within me. It was as if there were questions hanging in the wind and I needed them answered before I would ever have peace.

There were many avenues I traveled, thinking each and every one of them would be the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe, but it wasn’t until I found myself that I realized I’d been looking in all the wrong places.

I had never before known that with all my searching for the way the world worked, why we were here in the first place, and what our purpose could possibly be, what I was actually seeking was an identity.

I wanted someone to tell me the ultimate “good” so I could align with it and feel relieved of the possibility of doing something wrong. In short, I was looking for the perfect mold to make my projection from, so that I could ensure that I was worthy of love from not only other people but God himself.

So I was surprised when I happened upon my true unfiltered self. I hadn’t been searching for it, as up until this point, I’d been looking for external answers only. But during a meditation, I was confronted with a place within me that held the deepest parts of who I was.

To be honest, it scared me to death. I was so afraid to look at it, because I was sure that everything buried that deep could only be horribly bad.

But when I worked up the courage to finally look, I was in awe. I’d never seen something as amazing and beautiful as me. That was the beginning of a new journey.

I no longer felt that I needed something external to make me worthy of love, because I loved myself. And in loving myself I could see that I was absolutely worthy of love from anybody and anything. And that even if they didn’t love me, I no longer believed it had something to do with my worthiness, but rather their inability to see who I was.

And because I believed that anything and everything about me was amazing, I stopped trying to hide it, and that was when I came alive! There is nothing like that feeling.

Everything in my life began to change. Loving who I was, and ridding myself of the shame I’d carried for so long, made an entirely different person bloom out of me.

I changed my relationships, style of parenting, way of living, and what I ate. I began to dance and sing, and my personal belief went through the roof.

Now that I valued my own desire as a good enough reason to chase something, I began to design a life that mattered to me.

When I was able to value my desires, I began designing a life that mattered to me. Click To Tweet

When I created the Absolutely Tara Blog to hold myself accountable to living an alive and open life, I began to see that other people wanted to live by these values as well. I posted my processes and thinking, and all around me I was getting feedback as to how my thoughts and practices were helping people to change their own lives. And that’s how how my book was born.

Living an Alive Life E-BookIn Living an Alive Life, I focus on techniques for discovering your true self, turning those discoveries into something real and tangible with an actionable plan, and implementing tools for dealing with the obstacles that will surface along the way.

I have poured everything I’ve wanted so dearly to share with all of you about my discoveries and personal journey into this book, and I am thrilled to announce that it is now available for pre-order through Amazon!

The official launch date is June 29th, and I am working hard to move up the Amazon ranks so they’ll start promoting my book to other readers. On that note, I believe you will love this book, and I am asking that if you like my content on Absolutely Tara, that you’ll work together with me and share, share, share my book with your networks, and comment about it on Amazon. 

You have been an amazing group of readers and if I could tell you one thing it would be that you are absolutely and completely amazing for anything and everything that you are!


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10 thoughts on “If I Could Tell You One Thing”

  1. Congratulations on the book Tara. I am sure your online success will translate across to the book beautifully. I wish you the very best success and will be supporting you all the way.

  2. I can identify with you, Tara. It was rather recently that I found beautiful ‘me’.
    Congratulations on the book! I would love to review it. I wonder if it would be available on NetGalley where I am a professional reviewer?
    And you’re welcome to do a post on my blog about your journey and to advertise the book.

    1. Thanks for the offer Corinne! I’ll take you up on that and email you on the side about it. Initially it will only be available on Amazon because I’m joining KDP Select to do a free promo for Prime members so I can gain some additional exposure. But I’d love a review on Amazon after you read. Thank you for the support!!

  3. Wow a book awesome stuff! So happy to promote the book, I’m not too keen on ebooks (I’m a paper kinda gal) but I may have to make an exception!

    1. Thanks Janine! I will be launching a paperback version at a later date, as I love to hold a book as well, but I’d LOVE your support on the e-book.

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