I ran in the woods like a houndI ran in the woods like a hound. The scent I chased with my prize at the tip of my tongue. My heart full of vigor. My lungs bleeding.

And then I lost the scent, and it threw me. Where should I run if I don’t know the way? Do I guess at the direction and run anyway? Never. I am not a young pup anymore. A fool I was when that was my way. The scent is there, I can smell it’s lingering. I just need to find the center of it’s musk. 





Free of responsibility

Caught up in my work

Living my dream

Dreaming of living

Love story

Strength of the queen








Truth sets me free…

It has no boundaries. It has no definition or supposed tos. It can be anything, exist in any way. But! Only in the very moment it is happening. It cannot be predicted. Cannot be planned in any way. But life can be…

But when to plan? When to be?

Do they have to equal each other? Can I plan outside of feeling and then feel alive in the knowing of my own truth in that moment, no matter what the circumstance may be? Am I limiting myself by opening everything, or is it the other way around? Do I get paralyzed by my fear of not being free, because I limit my life to my perception of freedom?

Somebody bleed the whispers from my veins. I know I am lost in the woods. 

“Oh Rabbit! Where are you?!” she yells, as if a by some miracle it would make the scent clear. 

But it has eluded me. 



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