Time! You Relentless Bastard! - A PoemTick tock. Tick tock. The damn thing never stops. 

Creeping up, ever forward, never stopping to rest. 

Wait a minute. Let me think. I need to figure it out. 

But tick tock. Tick tock. You taunt me in my sleep. 

Another year, another day, when everything I wanted has less time than before. 

When dreams become old photographs and memories. 

I want to scream. To gain control. To stop you from ruining EVERYTHING! 

But tick tock. Tick tock. Your hand forever running. 

I’ll show you, I tell myself. I’ll win it in the end. 

I’ll suck the marrow out of life and drink the very last drop. 

But tick tock. Tick tock. You’re moving while I plan. 

And there I am, another grey hair, another child growing into adulthood. 

Parents aging, grandparents dying. Sand slipping through my hands. 

And tick tock. Tick tock. You never were my friend. 

So to battle time I wage a war. I’ll move faster, notice more. 

I’ll use up every day, every hour. You’ll have to kill me while I’m still alive!

And tick tock. Tick tock. You’re happy to oblige. 

You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream. -C.S. Lewis Click To Tweet


This post is part of the Friday Reflections Link Up with Janine @ Reflections From a Redhead and Mackenzie @ Reflections From Me. Join the link up and share in the conversation. 

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12 thoughts on “Time! You Relentless Bastard!”

  1. Having reached the ripe old age of 62, I can tell you that the tick tock now sounds like Big Ben announcing the passing of each hour. My anxiety and frustration went up reading your very well written poem, and then I realized there isn’t a thing I can do but just enjoy the ride. Good post Tara!

    1. Thank you for the compliments Cathy. I guess that’s what we have to do. Just ignore that damn clock and get on with our lives. Like you said, there’s not a thing we can do about it.

  2. I love it how people are writing poems for #fridayreflections. Great poem. It really captures the ticking of time and how frantic it sometimes feels to fit everything in (that could also be to do with the way I read it!).

    1. Thanks Janine. I’ve been enjoying getting the prompts and deciding how to interpret them. Yes, I was feeling a frantic time crunch. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Thanks MacKenzie. I never plan to write poems, but they sneak into my posts quite often. Thanks for hosting the link up.

  3. I battle from the day I turned 28 (OMG! Only 2 years to go!!), until my 34th birthday. Yeah, that long. Until I realized that no matter how depressed I felt, how much I hate the changes in my metabolism and how much I wish I were 21 forever, the truth was only one: I was aging. I had my wow-moment and slowly started working on becoming a better version of me. Love yourself, Tara. The rest will come in place. Have a beautiful weekend.

    1. Thanks for the insight Debbie. I know all these things logically, now it’s about making it real for myself. Eventually it will have to break. Loved reading your stories today. Have a great weekend yourself.

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