Actually, I can.

When you’re making plans, executing tasks, and chasing your dreams, it’s really easy to end the day feeling frustrated and discouraged about what you didn’t get accomplished. And when you’re looking at it from that lens, you’ll begin to lose belief in yourself. That is why I encourage everyone to keep a Triumph Journal. 

What is a Triumph Journal? It’s a daily or weekly acknowledgement of what you have accomplished. Every little detail of your day that you can feel good about should go in there. Even if you’ve done nothing but lay in bed depressed all day, I want you to congratulate yourself on not being numb and cold, but having the amazing capacity to feel deep emotions. I want you to celebrate all that you enjoy about yourself, not just what you’re supposed to enjoy, and begin to build a foundation of belief in yourself. 

Success requires 3 things: belief, patience, and humility. In that order. Focusing on what you’ve accomplished, will motivate you to press on, as you see an improvement from day to day. 

A Triumph Journal can be a written journal, or a practice of some sort. I’ve started pairing this concept with sun salutations. I like to do daily sun salutations to loosen up my spine, and during each round, I focus on one thing I am proud of myself for, or just grateful for, in my life at that moment. It’s really made me look forward to those sun salutations, because I feel so rewarded afterwards. And once a week, when I make my weekly plan, I get to cross off tasks from my 90 Day Plan, and it’s such a great feeling! Even if it’s just one thing, I know I’m moving forward towards my dreams. It’s really building my self trust.

So, this week’s assignment is to start congratulating yourself on your accomplishments. I guarantee this will help you to continue on in your dream chasing, as you build belief in your ability to succeed. You are amazing!


One thought on “Why Keeping A Triumph Journal Is So Important”

  1. I agree, Tara. Often we look at what we haven’t accomplished, or what we could have done more of, and overlook what we have already accomplished. This seems to be common among those of us who aim high and work hard. But like you say, it is important to keep a triumph journal and celebrate our wins.

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