There is a lot of confusion out there when defining the word “truth”. Some of us think of it in the same way as the word “fact”. Others view it as the quintessential ideal that we should all live by. And still others see it as whether we’re being honest. Truth can mean all of these things. But what do we mean when we’re talking about inner truth?

Many of us view inner truth as our ultimate purpose or destiny. A definition of who we are and what we’re meant to be.

Emotionally, we want to find a concrete place where truth resides so we can hold onto like a deeply staked pole in the ground, and let go of everything else. We think that if we can just find it, we’ll know what to do, how to behave, and what to believe. But that’s not what inner truth is.

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Inner truth is defined more accurately as the raw and unfiltered version of ourselves at any given moment. How we really feel about something. 

As we are alive, and not inanimate objects, we are constantly changing, growing, and reacting to things around us in different ways. So it would be impossible to sum ourselves up in a single definition, or with a single purpose or set of character traits, without denying our true emotions at some point.  So in order to remain in truth, we have to be open to whatever we are in the exact moment. In this way, truth is completely fluid. 

However, because our raw truth is absolute and outside the boundaries of logical reasoning, but just how we really feel about something, it is the most solid object in the universe. 

For example, if I discover that in this very moment I love money. No matter how much someone tells me it’s wrong to love money, or tells me how money won’t make me happy, it doesn’t change the truth that I love it. I may feel shame about loving it now, or try to convince myself that it isn’t true, but the reality is, loving money was the emotion I felt, and that was my truth. So underneath it all, the truth stands solid. 

This is why remaining in our truth requires humility. Because others may argue against what we’re feeling by throwing logic, reason, and blatant shame at us to get us to change how we feel, but if we can release their opinion of us, we will be able to stand firm and remain in our truth. 

This is also why truth breeds intimacy. Because we get to see the actual person underneath all the ideals and posturing, and experience their raw reactions instead. It exposes the unfiltered heart and brings two people closer together.

So how does this information help you to discover your own true self? Use it to give yourself permission to let go of the pole, and be open to who you find yourself to be in the moment.

This doesn’t mean you can’t make plans or that you don’t have personality traits that are constant, but what it does mean is that who you are and what your essence is in truth, is a compilation of your pieces found in the moment, and put together as a whole throughout a lifetime.

Consider this permission to be.


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