Free Writing ExerciseWouldn’t it be wonderful if we all knew exactly what we were feeling all the time? If we could just walk around confidently knowing we were following our true hearts, and never be confused by our circumstances or surroundings?

Ahh… a girl can dream.

Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is, “How do I feel about that?” can be a really tough question.

There are a ton of techniques out there for sorting out all our gummed up thoughts, and different techniques work for different people at different times.

But I thought I’d share one with you here that I’ve found to be extremely effective for myself, as well as my clients, when the mind is battling against itself, and all that we want to know about ourselves is just plain confusing.    

Free Writing: An Exercise

Take out a stack of paper, or notebook you don’t care about, and grab a regular old pen as well. You don’t want a special journal or fancy pen, because you don’t want to go into this exercise thinking what you have written will be preserved for future generations, or treasured as a keepsake. In fact, I want you to fully plan on burning or shredding it when you’re done.

And, I FORBID you to share this paper with anyone but yourself. 

If you think someone else will be reading it, you’ll censor it, and that will mess up the whole exercise.

Now, get to a place where you can be alone, and thinking about all the thoughts and confusion swimming around in your head, put your pen to your paper and start writing.

Write whatever comes to your mind. It doesn’t have to be a complete sentence, or even a cohesive thought. It can be lists, pictures, words, names, anything that pops into your mind. 

Your thoughts can conflict each other. They can be embarrassing. They can be mean, or illogical, or completely absurd. It doesn’t matter. Whatever pops up, you put down.

Write in the margins, write at an angle, write in a straight line, write all over the page. Whatever you need to do to get all those gummed up thoughts out of your mind and out of your way, you do at this time.

Just write and write and write and write, letting all the layers unfold page by page, until you get to the center of who you are. Write until everything that is clouding your mind is no longer there, and you can see what you really feel and need.  And then sit and soak it in.

Now take your new found understanding of yourself, burn the paper, shred the notebook, or delete the file, and walk forward.

You are a beautiful thing.  


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