This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to spend time with a bunch of my extended family members because of my grandmother’s 80th birthday party, and wow, was it an experience! 

We haven’t all been together like this since my younger sister’s wedding 10 years ago, and there was plenty of catching up to do. All the cousins have gone from being in their early twenties to early thirties, and as you can imagine, we’ve all changed a lot since then. 

Well during one particularly late night discussion, my mother mentioned a new concept she’d run across called the hula hoop perspective. The idea is that if you picture yourself standing in the middle of a hula hoop, the area inside your hula hoop, is all that you can control. It was developed as an Al Anon concept for those dealing with alcoholics in their lives, but as we went around the room talking about what was inside our own hula hoops, I realized this went way beyond dealing with alcoholics. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. It Brings Us Into The Moment

So often we live in the visions of who we aspire to be, and don’t address who we are in the moment. So when we experience an emotion in the moment that conflicts with our aspiring vision, we tend to be in denial about it because it doesn’t fit. But when we stand inside our hula hoops, our vision is about two feet. This forces us to zoom way in and see what’s going on right now. 

So often we live in the visions of who we aspire to be, and don't address who we are in the moment. Click To Tweet

2. It’s Humbling

When we step into our hula hoop, we are faced with the humbling realization that we’re limited. That we can’t do everything we “should” do, and can only deal with the things right in front of us. While this feels sad, it’s also very freeing. It allows us to stop posturing and just say, “This is where I’m at.”

Humility is one of the traits that helps us to find our truth, because in humility we stop trying to please others, and pleasing others is the trap that keeps us from our truth.

3. It’s Exclusive    

Because it’s my hula hoop, not our hula hoop, it gives us permission to set boundaries. So if others are trying to explain away our emotions, or tell us how they think we should feel, we can say, “I know that’s how you feel about it, but this exists inside my hula hoop, and this is how see it.”

Somehow, the hula hoop becomes a guard that says everything inside of it is sacred. It exists on it’s own, for ourselves alone, and is not subject to the rules outside of it.

Abstractly I wouldn’t have assumed something as simple as picturing yourself inside a hula hoop, and allowing that to be the only area of your life that you have to address, as being so powerful. But I can see using this in my own life quite often from here on out as a tool for finding my truth.

What do you think?

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