airplane“When the rubber meets the road,” is a common enough term, but it is more relevant in my life at this moment than ever before.

I like to think of the phrase as describing the tires of an airplane’s landing gear on it’s first test flight. It was assembled according to factory specifications, all the tests were positive, all the inspections approved, but in the back of the pilot’s mind he knows they haven’t actually been tested in use yet. 

In theory, they should work, but he won’t know for sure until the rubber meets the road, the plane bounces safely on the tires, and he can roll onto the runway to stop the plane. 

That’s what I feel like in this very moment with YouCoached. We’ve run tests, created a product that lines up with market need, used proven technology, and built great content, but we don’t know if it will really work until we launch and see how the market reacts.

Launch is approaching, and I have to admit I’m nervous as hell. 


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