I used to love shopping. I’d spend hours perusing the mall, trying on dozens of pieces, and lugging my shopping bags around. When I didn’t have any money, I’d even go window shopping with my mom and sister. 

Now, I HATE shopping in a store. I know it’s because I’ve been spoiled by internet shopping and the convenience of Pinterest. Now I look through hundreds of photos that help me figure out what “look” I want for the season, and Pin all the outfits that appeal to me. Then, I just click through and order the ones I love. For this reason, I am trying to convert completely to online shopping. It’s going to take a mental adjustment, but I would just rather do other things than shop. Did you know you can even order groceries on Amazon now? It may be possible to never have to go physically shopping again. ((Looks up and to the left, pondering a new way of life…))

Although it doesn’t even hint at getting cold in Southern California until November, it’s time to start thinking about my “winter” wardrobe, and I’ve compiled a wish list.

LULUS Exclusive Brave and the Bold Black Long Sleeve Shirt Dress $44
Must have a black shirt dress to pair with tights. This one is from Lulu’s.
Adorna Bella- Her new love of Leggings
Black leggings or tights so I can wear skirts, dresses, and shorts and still be warm. -Adorna Bella

Target Polka Dot Scarf
I tend towards neutral basics and then dress them up with accessories. This scarf is from Target.
UpTownGirl on Etsy
Another scarf. This one is from Uptowngirl on Etsy.
Northernly Mustard Scarf
I love Mustard! This one is from Northernly on Etsy
Pink Peonies black Nordstrom track pants
Love how Pink Peonies dressed up these track pants from Nordstrom. Need a pair.
Atlantic//Pacific pairs these overalls with a white button down and trench. Great look.
It took me a little while to warm up to the skinny overalls, but I’d like to get a pair now.
Anthropology white button down
I need to restock a basic white button down. This one is from Anthropology.

Check out this post from The Everygirl showing 20 Ways to Style a White Button Down. It will definitely make you want one if you don’t own one already.

Banana Republic Grey Pullover
A grey pullover is a great layering basic. This one is from Banana Republic.
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That completes my winter wardrobe wish list. If you’re thinking, “That’s not very wintery!” Remember I live in San Diego and winter is a relative term. 



4 thoughts on “Winter Wardrobe Wish List”

  1. Hi,
    I’ve just stumbled upon your blog. I’m too spoiled to shop in stores, as I do all my shopping online. I mean you can never find anything you like anyways, and if you do it’s not in your size etc. I even have my kids to choose their cloths online – after spending hours in shops trying to find something they like. Love your blog! xx Abby

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