If you follow my Facebook page, you know that my mantra for 2016 is “Think Bigger”. This past year I’ve gone back and forth on my blog struggling with what content to share. Should it be inspirational, practical, poetic, humorous, visually focused, full of thoughtful words? Should I talk about the every day obstacles in life like cooking and style, or the philosophical under layer that affects all we do? I couldn’t decide. I wanted to do everything. 

Well there’s a quote that I absolutely hate (probably because it applies so accurately to me) that kept cropping up in my mind:

David Allen quote

This is true… sort of. It’s a quote that I think is meant to help someone deal with their own boundaries, but I also think it’s a bit defeating. Because while there are actual physical and mental limits, it is rare that we reach them. More accurately, we reach the end of what we think is our limit based on how we’re currently framing the problem in our mind and how much personal belief we have. I experienced this in a big way during my “Call That Bar Your Bitch” moment, when I was able to push past a limit I felt I had reached.

That’s what my “Think Bigger” mantra is all about. Letting go of my fear, expanding my ideas, and thinking bigger. So instead of the “you can’t do everything” quote, I’m going with the “Think Bigger” mantra.


But I was at a crossroads. I truly felt I had reached the edge of myself, but still felt a fire to produce everything inside of me. So I thought bigger. As I thought, I realized I couldn’t do everything alone. But what if I thought bigger than just me? What if I was the director of a team? A team could surely produce everything I had brewing in my mind.

But a team would cost money. But what if I created a business… and got investors… and in that moment of discovery, what looked like a task too large to make possible, became the doorway to a whole new opportunity. And so, “You Coached” was born. 

What is “You Coached”?

It’s personalized coaching from a team of experts on your smartphone. It’s also available for the web, if doing things from your phone isn’t your thing. And it’s not just coaching on habits or philosophy, but practical how-to’s for style, home decorating, relationships, health and fitness, and life milestones like getting married, having a baby, working towards a promotion, learning to cook, and buying your first home.

Wouldn’t face to face coaching be better?

Yes. But here’s the problem I’ve found with face to face, or one on one, coaching:

How it works (21)

That’s right, the price. Movie stars look great for a reason. They can afford to have a stylist, personal trainer, interior designer, chef, nanny, etc… But most people don’t get that luxury. In fact, this was the most frequent reason potential clients would bow out. As much as they wanted to have a personal life coach, it was just too much of a luxury for them to afford.

But thanks to the power of technology, I’ve come up with a solution to the this problem: 


you coached

When can I start?

We’re currently forming a free beta testing team of users who want to be a part of You Coached. We’re doing this to learn more about what you want, and to work out the bugs in the system. If you join, we’ll ask you questions, have you try out the app and website, and even offer you extra perks once the service is up and running.

The You Coached Beta Team is essential to making this the most valuable service possible, and the more testers we have, the better. 

Sign Up For The You Coached Beta Team



And don’t forget to visit the site at YouCoached.com.


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